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Some very good friends of mine at a local church purchased an LED sign with the promise that the unit would be promptly shipped.3 months later the unit has not appeared despite numerous emails and excuses from the company.

What kind of person rips off a church??? Tim if you are reading this please do the right thing and make good on your word and contract. Tim is a smooth salesperson. Very personalble and believable.

Says all of the right things and seems to be an honest hard working guy trying to do what is right.It turns out these guys are very good at covering their tracks, however in life what comes around goes around.

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Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #744436

You need to fill out a complaint to In order for us to shut them down. They have done this alot and need to be stopped. Thank you

Hockessin, Delaware, United States #736758

This company is a scam.We were also scammed for over 5000.00.

we were recently contacted by the FBI regarding this company.

If you would like the agents info so you can call him, please let me know.Sorry this happened to you.

Sign Tech Manufacturing - Sign Tech Rip Off


Paid for sign never got it.Don't do anything with these people.Tim's the salesman said the sign got shipped to wrong address the first time they shipped it.

So he said they had to remake the sign going to take two weeks to make but would ship it ASAP. (Never Got IT) So I called back Tim the SALESMAN

said oh the shipper damaged it.

We will have to remake the sign again going to take Two Weeks Again.So after two weeks I call TIM THE SALESMAN @ SIGN TECH the phone is no longer in service Hummmm RIPPED OFF AND PISSED 9-5-2013

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Sign Tech Manufacturing Ripoff

Not resolved

Purchased a double sided LED message board from these cheats and it lasted 5 months.Its suppose to have a 4 year parts and labor warranty and they will not go good for it.

I am contacting the attorney generals office.

They have a bogus website and advertise on craigslist for business.If you check out there website you'll see there is no business owners name or any other contact number.So far I have linked them to 4 different states that they claim to do business in.Atlanta Georgia is suppose to be there home but the BBB has not heard of them




Who is the FBI agent working on this case?



Just for your information,

All signs were purchased from Olive Sign company by Sign Tech.

Call and ask for Alex he is the man in charge and will stand behind the signs.

I told him about this guy Brent from Sign Tech and asked why he does business with the guy.( its because he is a cash customer)

that was my answer.

Anyhow I had to send my sign to NY at my own expence and they repaired it.

Hockessin, Delaware, United States #696073

sam, I believe we have also been scammed by SignTech.

Have you been successful in getting any re-inbursment from them??

to Kim #716983

No.I lost $15,000 to these guys.

I have an attorney working on it as well as an FBI contact and the BBB. I will spend every penny I have on earth to run these guys down. My story is very similar to the one I read recently. My sign was "damaged in shipment" would need two weeks.

That was in Feb / March of 2013.

I think they put you off long enough to keep the bank from reversing the transaction.

Good Luck, Sam Baker

to Anonymous Hockessin, Delaware, United States #735262

Sam, kim replying again....I had a FBI agent contact me today regarding this company committing fraud. They are working on a case against the guy.

have you been contacted? if not, please post and I will give you the agents number.

Bluefield, West Virginia, United States #685582

Sign Tech Mfg.took $15,000 from me as well.

Did not deliver the sign, won't communicate with me at all and will not disclose who they are or where they are.

I was SCAMMED!:(

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